Dear Reign,

It’s the first day of school and I’m so excited. Not just because of my allowance back, but also because it could mean a thing–I might see you today.

So now, I’m waiting here at the bus stop and hoping to see you soon. I smiled at the thought, but then I realized, I know nothing about you except your name. I saw it on your I.D. You know what? I’m wearing my I.D. today. It’s the first time I would wear this outside our school, because I always forget to. I would only remember to wear this whenever I see the guard. Such a funny thing. Now I’m hoping that you’d come and see my name. I’m a coward who cannot even speak when you are around. I just timidly stare at my foot, as I wait for my bus to come. It has been a year since I first saw you here. We both wait for different buses every day. We have never talked to each other, as in NEVER. I’m afraid you’d ignore me once i try to reach out. I’m satisfied by just staring at you when you are looking at the other way. I’m patiently waiting right now. I look at my wristwatch and see that there’s only five minutes before my bus comes. My smile is starting to fade. Where are you? Would you even come? One deep sigh. I guess I’d miss this chance.

Dear *insert name here*,

I’m laughing at myself right now. I don’t even know your name. You never wore your I.D. so I never had the chance to know what should come after the ‘dear’ on top of this letter.

It’s been a year and I’m sad because we never had the chance to talk, or better yet, I never got the guts to start a conversation. I’m not even sure if you’d answer back, so I didn’t dare. I see you at the bus stop every day. You always come before me and ride your bus earlier.  I found out that you come from other school when you stepped in that bus. I always wear my I.D., wishing that you want to know my name so you’ll take a glance. Am I assuming? No, I’m just hoping.

Today is the first day of school, and I woke up late! Gosh, I need to hurry or else I’ll miss my bus. I hastily fixed myself and ate a little for breakfast. Of course I wouldn’t forget to wear my I.D.  Ten more minutes before my bus comes, so I’m running as fast as I can. Finally, I reached the bus stop. I saw you standing there. I’m running out of breath, but you looked at me and smiled. Yes, you smiled! One more thing, you are wearing your I.D. today! Now I know what to write on top of this letter, and I want to write it down here.

Dear Kyle.


The Yellow Shoes

Lines, letters, nonsense scribbling.

A taste of that ink, I let it spill.

I want to give it a try, write our story,

But all it had was a dead-end start—you and me.


Browsing pictures, reminiscing what was lost,

Trying to find that ‘picture-perfect’ thoughts.

The one to tell what could have been our story,

But all it had was a blurred vision—you and me.


Turned the radio on, played weary songs

Trying to find a melody for these lyrics written so long.

I want a perfect song so I could sing our story,

But all I heard was a hum, a shallow beat—you and me.


Painted a smile, a frown, and a mountain high,

Tried to draw the sunset, then took a deep sigh.

I want to create a masterpiece for our story,

But all it had was a novice sketch—you and me.


Had my eyes closed, then gently I opened them.

Gazing at darkness and light, it’s almost the same.

I was trying to see through night and day in our story,

But all it had was a faint dawn—you and me.


Now I took my yellow shoes, stared at it too long.

These you’ve given me, would you tie my shoelaces once more?

It was the perfect word, picture, song, masterpiece—our story.

It had all the smile, pain, fear and mirth—you and me.

Dream Catcher

I had a dream and it was that darkness I knew,

No more mirth, no more songs, no more hue.

Shivers run through my soul,

In this ice-cold night I crawl

Hugging my pillows won’t keep me safe though,

A little more breeze and my fears grow.

What shall I do, whom shall I call, and whom shall I run to?

My dream catcher, that guardian angel, could it be you?

Sing that melody ‘til I fall asleep

Don’t leave ‘til my eyes are closed so deep.

Cast away dark clouds above my bed,

And don’t let that music leave my head.

My guardian angel, let me know you are here,

Please don’t let bad dreams bring me tears.

From head to toe, from left to right,

Keep me safe, never out of your sight.

Tonight I’d have a dream catcher above me

My guardian angel, I’d be safe with thee.

Same Time, Same Name, Same Memory

Whenever I look at the time, it’s always been the same hour. .

and it makes me think of memories..

it makes me realize that i can’t go back to those good old days. .

and that no matter how long it has been,

or how many people I’ve met,


just maybe,