Dream Catcher

I had a dream and it was that darkness I knew,

No more mirth, no more songs, no more hue.

Shivers run through my soul,

In this ice-cold night I crawl

Hugging my pillows won’t keep me safe though,

A little more breeze and my fears grow.

What shall I do, whom shall I call, and whom shall I run to?

My dream catcher, that guardian angel, could it be you?

Sing that melody ‘til I fall asleep

Don’t leave ‘til my eyes are closed so deep.

Cast away dark clouds above my bed,

And don’t let that music leave my head.

My guardian angel, let me know you are here,

Please don’t let bad dreams bring me tears.

From head to toe, from left to right,

Keep me safe, never out of your sight.

Tonight I’d have a dream catcher above me

My guardian angel, I’d be safe with thee.


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