Nothing but Words

I want to tell you how I feel right now, but I’m afraid. My words might just fail me.

It failed me once when I played the brave little girl who told you everything I’ve held back for ages. You were thankful for my honesty. You said you were glad to know those things. I was also glad for it made me feel free. Free from unsung melodies, free from untold stories.

But I guess you were really born insensitive.

I’ve never asked nor wished for you to give it a thought, but you could have at least understood why I was keeping my distance. You kept reaching out to me when I was trying my best to be a little away from you. But of course, you never noticed that. You were too selfish to let go of something you once called ‘friendship’.

I may be mean, but could you just stay out of my sight?

I’m trying so hard to take at least one step forward.
So please, don’t pull me back to things I don’t want to think about.
Just this once, give me a chance to be alright..


A Song From Vier

For every single smile I’ve thought I caused,
For every single lie which I’ve thought and believed to be real,
For every single false joy I felt,
For every single faint hope I’ve held on,
and for every single wish I’ve whispered,
I promise to let go.
I promise to forget.
I promise to forgive myself.
And tomorrow I’d face a new day, a new beginning, a new life.
And I’d be better,
and I’d be me. .