Half the world hates thee,

And desperately wishes not to see

Half cries as you start to fall,

As if you’ve heard that grief they’ve called.

Surprisingly, I don’t feel the same

Don’t keep an eye on me; I’m not to be blamed

Weird as it may seem, I’d like to hear

That hauntingly ethereal melody; with no fear.

Each brave drop when it meets the ground,

Or when it flows down the sea it has found

I’d like to dance as it makes that beat

A cry of pain and bliss, a whistle it perfectly fit.

Euphoric drops, you come so right

You equally shine like the sun so bright

A gray-filled cloud and I start to glow

A little more patience, then you start to flow.

Heed my call, cry a little more

Show some lament and mirth, it’s what I ask for

Plok, plok, or pitter, patter

What shall I call you, or does it even matter?

Just come and fill my day

Wash away fears, show me the way

To solve this eternal puzzle I made

The one I’ve lost track, blue’s clues fade.


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