And yes,
tears won’t come anymore,
the fears just won’t show.

It’s hidden deep down,
and killing her so slow.

The arrow pierces thru her, and  it bleeds

Coz it wasn’t meant to be, it isn’t what she needs.

Painfully, silently,
she lets the pain in.

Like letting it numb her is the only way  to win.


Ysabelle’s Lullaby

The cold breeze makes me whisper a wish,
To go back to those days I cherish.

A chance to live in yesterdays,
When nothing amaze me but those rays.

Each day you come through my window,
With a promise you shine, not a tear would flow.

There would never be a rainy day,
Nor a melancholic night, you would say.

Your rays touch my skin, and it’s like a warm hug.
You raise above the clouds, so proud.

Not a dark cloud would defy you,
Not even a raging storm would do.

Now I smile as sweet as I could,
Hoping that tomorrow you’ll shine like you should . .


And yes,
I’m wondering how you exactly feel,
As I try to figure out how I, too, feel.
And yes,
I miss the jolly you, and I miss the jolly me.
I miss every single that that kept me smiling til that weary day.
Not it’s not the same,
And never would it be the same again.