100 Word Story: Text Message

*See? She’s really fake.*

I read Sasha’s text a couple of times.

She’s talking about Macy and she’s right. That girl who pretended to be my friend turned out to be a gossipmonger spreading rumors that I’m pregnant. Where the hell she heard it, I don’t know. She probably made that story up. She seemed so nice and honest that they all believed  her.

*She is! May that Macy rot in hell!*


Sasha didn’t reply so I checked the sent items.


I was thinking about Macy while texting that I ended up sending it to her.

Oh well.


50 Word Story: Mysterious Lights

Nobody’s believing me. I swear I saw it with my eyes.


That’s how science call it. And last night, while I was on our rooftop, I saw five lights forming a circle.

So now, with my camera in hands, I climb to the rooftop again.

And there it is.

Last night, I watched the news and I was fascinated by the UFO seen in Pampanga (they say they saw it and they even have a video) 😀
What if you they’re real? I can’t help but think. And I ended up writing this 🙂

100 Word Story : The Notebook

I love you Zarren.

“Hey, what’s that?”

Ada grabbed my notebook and shrieked after reading what I had written on it.

I covered her mouth with my hands to shut her up. God, what if he finds out? I’d prefer being buried alive than to face him.

I’ve been scribbling those words unconsciously on every notebook I could write on. And speaking of notebooks,

“Shit! I lent him my notes!”

And just as I was about to look for him and ask for my notebook back, somebody poked me from behind.

“Thanks for lending me your notebook Shyra.”

It’s Zarren.

Standing Ovation

I came from a job hunting today and now we’re going home.

But just earlier, the jeepney (it’s a means of transportation in the Philippines) we’re riding caught up with a bus (he said that the next bus would come after 30 minutes and it’s burning on the road since it’s summer so…) And it felt like a little scene in a movie or tv show (see? Me and my imaginations haha).

And I must say, I did something for the first time today.

I am now standing inside a bus.

Am I overreacting?

No! It really is my first time to stand in a bus. And I’m a little proud that I’m feeling okay. Just so you know, most of the times I feel dizzy when traveling and now I’m not.

But my real concern now is how to pass all the tests and get a job. 😀