Standing Ovation

I came from a job hunting today and now we’re going home.

But just earlier, the jeepney (it’s a means of transportation in the Philippines) we’re riding caught up with a bus (he said that the next bus would come after 30 minutes and it’s burning on the road since it’s summer so…) And it felt like a little scene in a movie or tv show (see? Me and my imaginations haha).

And I must say, I did something for the first time today.

I am now standing inside a bus.

Am I overreacting?

No! It really is my first time to stand in a bus. And I’m a little proud that I’m feeling okay. Just so you know, most of the times I feel dizzy when traveling and now I’m not.

But my real concern now is how to pass all the tests and get a job. 😀


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