“I swore you were the one”…

Confession.. I do this a lot in my head :>

Eye Will Not Cry

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Confession of a Guilty Heart

You didn’t have to understand

All I wanted was, for you to feel

If only you reached for my hand

Then my heart full of love could have been real

But, it was my fault

I didn’t love you a lot

It was my duty, and

All I thought of, was me

Your world was full of difficulty

Neither did I understand, nor did I see

I was blinded by my arrogance

For which I missed all my chance

I made you miserable, I made you cry

Making you think my love was a lie

Wish I had done things differently, then

We could have spent these 3 years gracefully

Now the chance…

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Seems like forever since I last saw the beach.

Here’s what I was able to write (after mentally scribbling words) when I got home from our LGU outing.


The sea breeze kisses my cheeks

under the summer sun

With the waters humming a song

of serenity and fun.

The waves’ laughter, meeting my toes,

And splash that gives life to every joke.

In this place where there’s both peace and fest,

An escapade in search of zest.

Trees bend, listening to every heartbeat

With the sunshine that streaks through its leaves.

The burning sand sends warmth to these feet,

As I try to run and meet the sea.

The vast blue ocean welcomes every guest

Offers nothing but only its best.

Fierce as it ought to be,

I let the sun get through me.

Eyes closed, floating in delight.

The waves lead the way.

And I wish to stay like this,

Day after day.

On Memories and Being Present | Peaceful Dumpling

Photo Credit: http://www.peacefuldumpling.com

Just another empty post :(

Haven’t posted anything this week.

I just feel so drained, frustrated and confused.

Been working every single day until my body says it can’t anymore. Til I’m sick. Til I have nothing else to give.

I apologize for the days I can’t even make a word. Nor have the time to read posts. Or the time I was nominated for an award but I couldn’t even respond. I wasn’t ignoring it. I wanted to give it time coz it’s something to give importance.

Well, for me, it is.

But there are just things happening in my life which demand my time. And it saddens me that I can’t make time to scribble  any single verse. It’s frustrating because I can’t do something that makes me feel better.

Maybe it’s one of the consequences of growing old and taking responsibilities not just for my own, but for my family and the unknown future.

Third Entry



You are the rain that falls down on me.
Those little drops,
I tried to welcome thee.
Yet you ceased the moment I opened my eyes.
Only to find out,
only to realize
I wasn’t the ground where  you’d finally stop.
I was just that leaf who tried to catch you up.

What-pad and Philippine Lite-where-ture

A Flower's Thoughts

“Philippine Literature is dying. All I can see are books from teens writing about romance.”

What is literature? Any form of written work. Then how come that even with the presence of books written by Filipino authors, one would say that Philippine literature is dying?

I cannot blame one who thinks that books about romance are getting out of hand. After all, you’ll see a lot of books made popular by Wattpad in the front shelves of some bookstores. However, to say that Philippine literature is dying is offensive to writers not just those who came from sites like Wattpad and Scribd, but those who put effort into writing novels without the help of online sites. (Though it made me ponder if some writers think that authors from Wattpad are killing Philippine Literature. That’ll really make me sad.)

Yesterday, I read an open letter addressed to a popular Filipino youth author. While I agree to some of…

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I Am Drowning

Read it and feel it.

The idea has still not settled.
My body is still shaking.
My heart is still racing.
But my mind is still.
Only a single thought
Is left sitting here,
As I’m sitting here.
I look at you
With my tear stained eyes
As you look back
Acting surprised.
“How could you…”
I feel my lungs
Chasing the air.
Staring at you,
Noticing your lack of care.
My oceans have risen
And my world has flooded.
I’m sitting here
“How could you do this…
to me?”

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