I don’t know how to put this into words, but I’m just grateful to justafellowhumanrayhttps://justafellowhumanray.wordpress.com for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.

versitle-blogger-bwYay! It’s my first time (obviously:p) and just the thought of having someone see my abilities (which I personally couldn’t see, I just wanted to write) overwhelms me. I can’t think of any words to say but THANKS!

And, according to the rules I must share 7 things about me, so here they are:

1. I’m a coffee addict :p

2. I love the rain, I mean the sound and smell relaxes me. I love the way those little drops fall into the ground (I might sound weird, but that’s okay. haha.)

3. I write verses about the rain (continuation of 2)

4. I love having pets (cats and dogs). I actually have 3 cats namely: Sophie, Mhoe and Kai. My dog’s name is tiger (it’s because of his color, lol)

5. I’m a frustrated artist (I guess you know that already. haha).

6. I don’t consider myself a writer (unless I could publish a book lol). I’m more of a person who writes because it’s easier than to talk (you get the picture?).

7. My real name starts with R. (my initials are R.R.R. :D)

Wait, there’s more! (lol)

I nominate these awesome bloggers for the said award too (I can only choose 15, but there’s a lot more interesting bloggers here!):

Eye Will Not Cry – https://eyewillnotcry.wordpress.com

kelzbelzphotography – https://kelzbelzphotography.wordpress.com

Pint Size Fiction – http://pintsizefiction.com

People, Things, and Life – https://peoplethingsandlife.wordpress.com

John Foster – https://johnfosterwriter.wordpress.com

In Noir Velvet – http://inoirvelvet.com

Shawn L. Bird – http://shawnbird.com

errinspelling – https://errinspelling.wordpress.com

chester maynes – https://chestermaynes.wordpress.com

kwentonijhingness – https://kwentonijhingness.wordpress.com

Stereotypically Able – https://walkerkaty0.wordpress.com

My frame of mind – https://ifrahswritings.wordpress.com

Double U – https://doubleupoet.wordpress.com

Wounded Memories – http://woundedmemories.com

A Flower’s Thoughts – https://lovelettersofjessamine.wordpress.com

That’s all, THANKS again Ray 🙂


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