What-pad and Philippine Lite-where-ture

A Flower's Thoughts

“Philippine Literature is dying. All I can see are books from teens writing about romance.”

What is literature? Any form of written work. Then how come that even with the presence of books written by Filipino authors, one would say that Philippine literature is dying?

I cannot blame one who thinks that books about romance are getting out of hand. After all, you’ll see a lot of books made popular by Wattpad in the front shelves of some bookstores. However, to say that Philippine literature is dying is offensive to writers not just those who came from sites like Wattpad and Scribd, but those who put effort into writing novels without the help of online sites. (Though it made me ponder if some writers think that authors from Wattpad are killing Philippine Literature. That’ll really make me sad.)

Yesterday, I read an open letter addressed to a popular Filipino youth author. While I agree to some of…

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