Just another empty post :(

Haven’t posted anything this week.

I just feel so drained, frustrated and confused.

Been working every single day until my body says it can’t anymore. Til I’m sick. Til I have nothing else to give.

I apologize for the days I can’t even make a word. Nor have the time to read posts. Or the time I was nominated for an award but I couldn’t even respond. I wasn’t ignoring it. I wanted to give it time coz it’s something to give importance.

Well, for me, it is.

But there are just things happening in my life which demand my time. And it saddens me that I can’t make time to scribble  any single verse. It’s frustrating because I can’t do something that makes me feel better.

Maybe it’s one of the consequences of growing old and taking responsibilities not just for my own, but for my family and the unknown future.


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