Seems like forever since I last saw the beach.

Here’s what I was able to write (after mentally scribbling words) when I got home from our LGU outing.


The sea breeze kisses my cheeks

under the summer sun

With the waters humming a song

of serenity and fun.

The waves’ laughter, meeting my toes,

And splash that gives life to every joke.

In this place where there’s both peace and fest,

An escapade in search of zest.

Trees bend, listening to every heartbeat

With the sunshine that streaks through its leaves.

The burning sand sends warmth to these feet,

As I try to run and meet the sea.

The vast blue ocean welcomes every guest

Offers nothing but only its best.

Fierce as it ought to be,

I let the sun get through me.

Eyes closed, floating in delight.

The waves lead the way.

And I wish to stay like this,

Day after day.

On Memories and Being Present | Peaceful Dumpling

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