The story of an unrequited love : part 38

Because there are things that you couldn’t say, but you could write about. .

Anamika Agnihotri


“AL”  I subconsciously took his name.

The pain which I was numbing from four months was now back with all its might. And I couldn’t fight back tears anymore. So I almost ran back out of building. And as soon as I was out, I burst into tears. I was trying to hide them. Wiping them as soon as they left my eyes.

I wasn’t able to comprehend how I should have felt. Happy because I saw him finally, sad because I couldn’t say anything again, cursed because my first love was an unrequited love.

Months passed, but I couldn’t forget him. He remained inside me. I remained busy in my life but every time when I paused I thought of him. Every time when my mind wandered I thought of him.

He drew me to the thing I have most avoided. The thing I have been avoiding all…

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