“I hope I never have to see you again”…

Like I wish not to see someone again, but it’s impossible at the moment. Lol

Eye Will Not Cry

Please welcome “J” as tonight’s guest poet. You can read more of J’s work over at:


If you would like a guest poet slot, please email eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk



Hard to understand
Turning down a friendship
Years of nice gestures
But you’re still pretentious

So many similarities
Very few differences
And so I wonder
What’s with the fences?

Is it my language?
Lack of religion?
Something I said
or something I did?

What could be so bad
that you refuse to see
We all need friends
From A to Z

Just want you to know
It’s not very nice
I’m only human
No matter my vice

Pretending we’re friends
Only when you need
something that others
don’t want to cede

Well, I’m tired of giving
Even though I expect
nothing in return
I still need respect

Wasting time to question
I’ll never know
Doesn’t really matter
I’m letting go


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