One Last Hug

Half true, half lie xD

A very short story to express unspoken words of goodbye…

A girl named Viera Reign


“Can I hug you?”

It came like a whisper, but it lingered in my ear.

I slowly turned to him, confusion written all over my face. I waited for more words, but it never came. He was busy with his sketch pad, careful with every stroke he did with his pen.

He was facing me, but I could’t see what he was drawing. I mentally sighed and told myself that it was either he was talking with his pen or I just heard him wrong. I think it’s the latter.

We’ve already spent two hours sitting under a big tree. He said he just wanted some company while he draws. Without second thoughts, I agreed to walk with him until we reached a mini park on a hill by the sea.

There were swings but he chose to sit on the big roots of the tree. I just followed.


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