You Are The Light

You are the light in the darkest hour,

One of the greatest blessings that God shower.

To the world, you’re that one great piece,

The hope when there’s nothing but despair,

The catalyst towards peace.

You are the light in an endless night,

A victor in every fight.

Be the candle in the middle of nowhere,

A refuge in the worst weather.

Be the answer to a child’s prayer,

Longing for peace on earth.

Be the one to heed her call,

From the wide sea of hurt.

That someday you’ll be the cure,

For a heart longing for a bit of hope.

That someone who waits and wonders,

Would no longer thirst nor suffer

You are the light of the world;

A gift that must be shared.

Be the light and share the light,

That others would see the light of life.

Disclaimer: Some of the lines came from a song entitled “Light of the World” by Lauren Daigle.


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