Letters to the White Butterfly: 2nd Letter

I wonder if you still have those wings.

Are you still flying?

Are you still trying?

Are you there outside my window?

Or are you still looking for your lost love?

There, in the vast bushes and rivers –

Where death is all around.

I wish you would find it –

A love that’s true.

Then maybe, you’d find peace, too.


Even When I’m Gone

WgUs4My days ended.

My dreams shattered –

Yet the whole world still went on.


My breaths came to nothing.

My light became darkness –

Yet the world still went on.


My stars lost its brightness.

My moon never came out –

Yet the world still went on.


My present became a forgotten past.

And my memories faded into thin air –

Yet the world still went on.


I was gone.

I was gone.

But why did the world never stop?


‘Cause even when I’m gone,

Even when I’m lost,

The world would never stop –

It wouldn’t care at all.