Story of The Eternal Fidelity: Part 3

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Anamika Agnihotri


Don’t make me look at you amol. She said still looking at his beer glass.

Why? Are you hiding something? He asked.

No. I’m not. She replied.

Then look at me. He demanded.

And then she looked at him. His intense eyes were fixed on her face. She loved him. She always had. But she was afraid to let him to know that. She had her reasons. But now it was late.

I love it when you look at me. And I love it when you take your eyes off me after losing to me. He told her.

She blushed. And the adrenaline kicked in again.

He knows. She thought.

Let’s go back to hotel. It’s late. She said.

No its not. It’s just an hour since we arrived. He retorted.

I don’t feel like sitting here. I want to go back to my hotel room. She said.

OK. As…

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ULAN (Rain)

I wrote this last year.
This is a poem about the rain, and I don’t know when I’d get time to translate it in English. It’s my first time to write a rain poem in Filipino, and I’m not sure if I did it well. Lol. So here it is.
Ulan, ulan.
saan ka nga ba nagmula?
talaga bang dala ka ng mga ulap?
o taglay ng kalangitang walang sinumang makahanap?

Tubig ka nga bang nagmula lang din sa dagat at lupa,
o luha ng malungkot na  Bathala?
sa sanlibutan ba dala mo’y sumpa?
o biyayang kaloob ng langit na dapat ikatuwa?

Ulan, ulan.
Ikaw ba’y may simula at katapusan?
Darating ba ang araw,
Na ika’y hindi na masisilayan?
Titila ka na lang ba isang araw,
At hindi na muling pang dadalaw?

Ulan, ulan.
Bakit nga ba ika’y kanilang sinisisi?
Tuwing ang kanilang buhay ay puno ng lungkot at hikbi?
Hindi ba nila makita na ika’y isang himala?
Na katulad ng sumisikat na araw, ikaw ri’y tinitingala.

Ulan, ulan.
Hayaan mong ang buong mundo’y magluksa.
Ang bawat butil ay katumbas ng kanilang luha.
At sa iyong pagdating, asahan mong mayroong isang nilalang,
Na magpipinta ng isang ngiting walang kasingtamis;
sa gitna ng milyon-milyong pagtatangis.



Empty words of an empty soul..


Everyone would be tired of my dramas.

But not my pen,

Not this paper;

Not the teardrops on my roof,

Not this cup of coffee and a book.

Not my only companion

during deep nights

of haunted thoughts.

Maybe one day,

I’d just disappear,

But not this melody

I’d always wanted to hear.

And the words I scribbled

On the once unstained pages,

Will mark my once dear life;

A story that’s endless

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Learn to value yourself a little more.
Learn to appreciate your own beauty, your own strength.
And if they still can’t see the colors that you paint,
Learn how to keep smiling,
Learn how to keep fighting.
Because at the end of the day,
It’s you, and nobody else,
Who would see your true reflection,
And will have the final say.



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