Artwork by: Kevin Requio

(Originally published in The Licom Collegian)

I was walking on a trail,
To a place, I’ve always known
A land you must have heard of;
A tale that must be told

In the woods, I saw blithesome colors
Of life, love and harmony
Gratified by this miracle, birds chitter
Humming a mirthful melody

Flowers dance with the breeze
Showing off pulchritude; alluring the bees
Felicitously flying from one to another
Savoring pollen; a procreant deed

Sunshine streaks through the leaves
Sending warm to every living thing
The waters flow from the stream
Crystal clear where fishes swim.

At night, the moon speaks
Of a starry sky and serenity
Wind plays a tune of bliss
Blanketed with tranquility

Delighted, I wanted to see more
So I took a step, yet I stumbled.
My surrounding twirled, everything’s disheveled
And I almost cried with the sight
Like a battlefield after a fight.

The sun that gives off light and life
Now irately pierces through thin air
The once fertile land is now barren,
Let’s change – an uproar; but when?

The aftermath of our cruelty
Nature’s wrath is a living hell
Climate change; drought and floods
Raging storms ruthlessly taking lives

Can you hear her cry?
Do you get her message?
It’s karma, but we shan’t lose hope
There are still ways to save the globe

Nature is a gift from up above
A treasure to cherish from God
Feel, think, act; don’t just talk
Remember, we only have one earth

I pray not to walk on a shattered trail
To a place unknown.
A land I once heard of;
A tale I wish not to be told


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