Life Happened 

“We used to be inseparable. We were partners in crime, remember? What happened?” he asked, hurt and frustration written on his face.

I held his gaze. We used to know each other’s thoughts just by sharing glances, but not anymore. What really happened? I sighed and looked away as I told him my thoughts.

“Life happened.”


Nineteenth Entry

I heard you say my name,
As you dropped and tapped my window pane;
Making your way down in bliss,
And my name became a masterpiece.

I heard you sing a melody,
The one that’s been in my head.
As I patiently waited for your fall,
I hummed the song instead.

And so I whisper the feelings
I feel when you fall;
And let you soak my soul.
Your sound creeping to my deepest griefs,
And once again I am whole.