Nineteenth Entry

I heard you say my name,
As you dropped and tapped my window pane;
Making your way down in bliss,
And my name became a masterpiece.

I heard you sing a melody,
The one that’s been in my head.
As I patiently waited for your fall,
I hummed the song instead.

And so I whisper the feelings
I feel when you fall;
And let you soak my soul.
Your sound creeping to my deepest griefs,
And once again I am whole.


Eighteenth Entry

It’s been a long, long time.
I must have forgotten how it felt
That I let it linger on my skin.
I let it land on my palm;
Wishing I can grasp it while it lasts.

I felt it on my face, as I look into the sky.
And the tiny pieces of pain and mirth
gladly poured into my life.
The euphoric scent sent shivers to my spine;
And I smiled through the busy sound of the city,
And a clock that ticks; not caring about the time.


Fourthteenth Entry


I was the wandering raindrop,
Lost in mid air on a somber day;
Stranded on a deceitful leaf,
Got me fooled in every way.

And you were the ground, the stream and the sea,
In whichever way, I’d end up to thee.
And when the leaf let me drop through the summer breeze,
I’d be brave to meet you when these hurdles cease.