In the midst of a strange city,
I stare across the busy crowd.
Hoping to catch a glimpse of a familiar face—
Waiting in vain,
Behind this window pane.



To The Broken Ones

If you are broken, go and fix yourself. Do not wait for someone to pick up the tiny pieces of your fucked up life. Because once they are able to gather up every single piece of your being into its right place, they become a part of your repaired self. And when they finally decide to leave you, they will take that part with them, even without them knowing it. And the once indestructible shield they built for you becomes fragile.

You then start to fall into the tiniest pieces of emptiness and grief. You are left there on the ground to be blown away by the harsh wind.

So fix yourself. Take all the time you need. It doesn’t matter how long it would take before you can save yourself. It might be a long, tiring process, but it will all be worth it. You will be carefree and brave enough to face any possibilies, for whatever happens, you know that you have yourself to help you get up when you stumble. You will be your own hero.You will be your own strength.

So fix yourself, because no one can really save anybody else from their own inner issues. No one knows you better than you do. No one can ever fix you but yourself. Yes, no one but YOU.

Just A Dream

Last night,
as though the most whimsical of all nights,
It rained in my dream.
But the stars did shine bravely through the tiny bits of crystals
dropping down the streams.
And the moon was in it’s fullest,
Brightest shade of gray.
The breeze that was neither hot nor cold,
Was whispering–
A chant that no one could decipher,
A handful of sand I couldn’t hold.
And there, on a hill by the sea,
And a big tree by my side,
I was lying on a big root,
with a smile i couldn’t hide at all.
Because dear,
You were there,
and I wasn’t alone anymore.

Ps. Can’t find the perfect pic at the moment, so… that’s it. 🙂

ULAN (Rain)

I wrote this last year.
This is a poem about the rain, and I don’t know when I’d get time to translate it in English. It’s my first time to write a rain poem in Filipino, and I’m not sure if I did it well. Lol. So here it is.
Ulan, ulan.
saan ka nga ba nagmula?
talaga bang dala ka ng mga ulap?
o taglay ng kalangitang walang sinumang makahanap?

Tubig ka nga bang nagmula lang din sa dagat at lupa,
o luha ng malungkot na  Bathala?
sa sanlibutan ba dala mo’y sumpa?
o biyayang kaloob ng langit na dapat ikatuwa?

Ulan, ulan.
Ikaw ba’y may simula at katapusan?
Darating ba ang araw,
Na ika’y hindi na masisilayan?
Titila ka na lang ba isang araw,
At hindi na muling pang dadalaw?

Ulan, ulan.
Bakit nga ba ika’y kanilang sinisisi?
Tuwing ang kanilang buhay ay puno ng lungkot at hikbi?
Hindi ba nila makita na ika’y isang himala?
Na katulad ng sumisikat na araw, ikaw ri’y tinitingala.

Ulan, ulan.
Hayaan mong ang buong mundo’y magluksa.
Ang bawat butil ay katumbas ng kanilang luha.
At sa iyong pagdating, asahan mong mayroong isang nilalang,
Na magpipinta ng isang ngiting walang kasingtamis;
sa gitna ng milyon-milyong pagtatangis.



Empty words of an empty soul..


Everyone would be tired of my dramas.

But not my pen,

Not this paper;

Not the teardrops on my roof,

Not this cup of coffee and a book.

Not my only companion

during deep nights

of haunted thoughts.

Maybe one day,

I’d just disappear,

But not this melody

I’d always wanted to hear.

And the words I scribbled

On the once unstained pages,

Will mark my once dear life;

A story that’s endless

.300x153.3.crop.Coffee rain_2970


Learn to value yourself a little more.
Learn to appreciate your own beauty, your own strength.
And if they still can’t see the colors that you paint,
Learn how to keep smiling,
Learn how to keep fighting.
Because at the end of the day,
It’s you, and nobody else,
Who would see your true reflection,
And will have the final say.



photo credits: drawingpencil@facebook.com


3Rs and the Stars: Part 1


She’s thinking about the stars.
What’s wrong with their fates
That she can’t even draw
A  single constellation?

Why do they hide behind the clouds,
When she badly wants
To see them wink at her?

Is she that bad that she has never been granted a wish
When a shooting star falls?

She keeps wondering,
But nothing comes to mind.
No one’s answering her queries,
No one’s bothering to try.

So with a deep sigh,  she decided–
“I must seek the answers on my own,
Who cares if I’d get it wrong?”

Author’s Note

When I write,
I write what I feel.
I write what I think.
I write what I imagine.

When I write,
I make a whole new personality.
I create a whole new world.
I turn bad things to good,
And good things to bad.
I end it whatever way I want,
Either happy or sad.

When I write,
I think of all the possible ways to  escape reality.
To just stay in my own bubble,
Until all my fantasies come to life.

When I write,
I think of all the painful and blithesome days.
I write without thinking about rules.

There are no restrictions.
I just write from my heart and soul.