Nineteenth Entry

I heard you say my name,
As you dropped and tapped my window pane;
Making your way down in bliss,
And my name became a masterpiece.

I heard you sing a melody,
The one that’s been in my head.
As I patiently waited for your fall,
I hummed the song instead.

And so I whisper the feelings
I feel when you fall;
And let you soak my soul.
Your sound creeping to my deepest griefs,
And once again I am whole.


I Saw Him Today

I saw him today.

I silently wished he would stop sending me messages, or greeting me every time we’ve bumped into each other. It was granted.

But I saw him today.

It was long ago, and I haven’t seen him for at least a month until today.

But I saw him today.

It’s been ages ago. He was my enemy, but I let him intrude my life. He even became my friend. He became a part of my story. But that day came, and all my fears came to life. He, who meant laughter suddenly became a paint of pain in my white canvass.

I decided to stay away, keep my distance and build a wall he would never have a chance to break.

Because I know he would never stay that long. He’ll just go one day and it would only leave me scars.

I was selfish, I know. But he was more than selfish than I was.

He gave me nothing but false happiness. His empty words left me thinking. And thinking. And thinking…

But I saw him today.

So what if he’s there standing just outside our window pane?

He’s there. I saw him. He saw me.

And it ends there.