Nineteenth Entry

I heard you say my name,
As you dropped and tapped my window pane;
Making your way down in bliss,
And my name became a masterpiece.

I heard you sing a melody,
The one that’s been in my head.
As I patiently waited for your fall,
I hummed the song instead.

And so I whisper the feelings
I feel when you fall;
And let you soak my soul.
Your sound creeping to my deepest griefs,
And once again I am whole.


Dear you,

It’s not the rain that you hate
But the memories that come crashing down
When the little drops meet the ground.
Those days you couldn’t replay,
Like a photo you could look back to,
But could never live on anymore.
The thought of a place you couldn’t be in,
As the tiny crystals shine in delight through your window pane.
It’s the song you used to sing,
But now you hate to hear
As the raindrops fall to the roof,
With the perfect melody
That hums as your heart beats.

It’s not the rain you hate,
But the emptiness you feel,
For things you could’ve
or could’ve not done.
It’s not the rain you hate.
You love the sound it creates,
Like a lullaby on sleepless nights.
You love how it make its way down
On your glass window
As you trace them with your fingertips.
You love how each drop feels
Against your skin
Against your palm,
Against your face
Welcoming every tear.
It’s not the rain you hate,
But the things
that made you think you hate it.
So dear,
See how beautiful the rain is.
It does remind you of pain,
But mirth always comes with it.

With a drop of my own rain,

Eighteenth Entry

It’s been a long, long time.
I must have forgotten how it felt
That I let it linger on my skin.
I let it land on my palm;
Wishing I can grasp it while it lasts.

I felt it on my face, as I look into the sky.
And the tiny pieces of pain and mirth
gladly poured into my life.
The euphoric scent sent shivers to my spine;
And I smiled through the busy sound of the city,
And a clock that ticks; not caring about the time.


Just A Dream

Last night,
as though the most whimsical of all nights,
It rained in my dream.
But the stars did shine bravely through the tiny bits of crystals
dropping down the streams.
And the moon was in it’s fullest,
Brightest shade of gray.
The breeze that was neither hot nor cold,
Was whispering–
A chant that no one could decipher,
A handful of sand I couldn’t hold.
And there, on a hill by the sea,
And a big tree by my side,
I was lying on a big root,
with a smile i couldn’t hide at all.
Because dear,
You were there,
and I wasn’t alone anymore.

Ps. Can’t find the perfect pic at the moment, so… that’s it. 🙂

Fourthteenth Entry


I was the wandering raindrop,
Lost in mid air on a somber day;
Stranded on a deceitful leaf,
Got me fooled in every way.

And you were the ground, the stream and the sea,
In whichever way, I’d end up to thee.
And when the leaf let me drop through the summer breeze,
I’d be brave to meet you when these hurdles cease.

ULAN (Rain)

I wrote this last year.
This is a poem about the rain, and I don’t know when I’d get time to translate it in English. It’s my first time to write a rain poem in Filipino, and I’m not sure if I did it well. Lol. So here it is.
Ulan, ulan.
saan ka nga ba nagmula?
talaga bang dala ka ng mga ulap?
o taglay ng kalangitang walang sinumang makahanap?

Tubig ka nga bang nagmula lang din sa dagat at lupa,
o luha ng malungkot na  Bathala?
sa sanlibutan ba dala mo’y sumpa?
o biyayang kaloob ng langit na dapat ikatuwa?

Ulan, ulan.
Ikaw ba’y may simula at katapusan?
Darating ba ang araw,
Na ika’y hindi na masisilayan?
Titila ka na lang ba isang araw,
At hindi na muling pang dadalaw?

Ulan, ulan.
Bakit nga ba ika’y kanilang sinisisi?
Tuwing ang kanilang buhay ay puno ng lungkot at hikbi?
Hindi ba nila makita na ika’y isang himala?
Na katulad ng sumisikat na araw, ikaw ri’y tinitingala.

Ulan, ulan.
Hayaan mong ang buong mundo’y magluksa.
Ang bawat butil ay katumbas ng kanilang luha.
At sa iyong pagdating, asahan mong mayroong isang nilalang,
Na magpipinta ng isang ngiting walang kasingtamis;
sa gitna ng milyon-milyong pagtatangis.